I.S.O.D Limited brings to you in the United Kingdom and Ireland the luxurious range of Orogold Cosmetics.

I.S.O.D Limited is the highly experienced, authorised retailer in-store for all the brands featured on this site: Orogold Cosmetics and Orogold Exclusive.

To ensure that you are purchasing genuine products in your region, please be re-directed from

What are diverted cosmetic products?

Diverted products come from unauthorised distributors and individuals. Products purchased from unauthorised sites are coming from unknown sources that are not a part of the authorised chain of education and distribution.

What are the dangers of diversion?

Diverted products may be counterfeit, diluted or old, expired formulas that may cause irritation or even infection. The bottom line is that they may not be safe to use and the distributor has not permitted that they can sell or neither have their staff been educated  to sell them.

How can I ensure I’m not purchasing diverted products?

Orogold Cosmetics products are ONLY sold through authorised professional partners, NEVER via clubs or mass merchants. Our professional partners have been specially trained to recommend products and treatments based on your skin’s needs.

Retail websites to avoid

Diverters often sell their products through online retailers. Products purchased on these sites are often expired, contaminated or counterfeit. I.S.O.D Limited assumes no responsibility for them.

  • Ebay

Diverted products are not sold together with our highly advanced, well experienced advice, treatment and support systems.

If you have any doubts about a website that offers any of our products please be sure to contact us directly for authorisation first.